KL-ZE differences

K8, KF and KL in their various trims.

KL-ZE differences

Postby Fred » Wed May 25, 2016 10:35 am

Internet folklore has it that some KLZE engines make better power than others, out of the box. I don't buy it. Online catalogue services show 200ps for the Millenia, too. I have personally seen JDM brochures for the MX-6 and MS-8 that show 200ps, RPM, torque, etc. The same guy has a Millenia brochure somewhere, and when he finds it, I'll be able to see that too, and tell you 100% for sure what the story is here. The rumours started due to the styles of manifolds used on USDM and JDM cars. JDM-only manifolds are obviously the ones that make more power... the one found on USDM cars and ALSO in Millenias makes various power levels due to the engine it's attached to. In the USDM case, the ports in the head are smaller at the end of the runners... whereas in the Millenia KL-ZE, the ports are full size ZE head ports :-)

Bug me for photos of the catalogue specs.
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