Boost in, seals out, FE-DOHC in!


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Hi all.

Let me introduce my self.
I am Ivan from Serbia (not same as Siberia), Europe(kinda)...
First of all i want to apologize for my bad English since it is not my native tongue and i also have ADD so i wonder off a lot when writing (kinda like that skinny guy from F&F part one, but in a body of a bear. I can concentrate only around cars and engines)
I have played with DOHC alot in the past (they are plenty in Europe). Rebuilt couple of them for some friends.
Have fitted one in my Probe GT with probe ECU, turbo'd and was fun to drive for 20k KM's.
I sold it and the guy who has it still drives it around.
Here is the video of setup:
(hope i can post videos here)
Next was the red RX7 TII, but she had a short life since she was in a car crash with previous owner and had bent frame.
After that one along came Arctic Silver Sport FC3S without engine and transmission.
Right now i have the next setup i her:
- FE SOHC 8V head - RWD from 929HB
- F2T bottom and block
- 929 tranny
- Custom drive shaft
- Turbo from F2T (IHI)
- Big a*s Volvo FMIC
- Unknown ECU i think it is from FE 8V (i had it lying around)
- Custom exhaust system
- Fift injector (5PSI switch activated - oil switch)
and many more...
Here is the video of first start up of the beast:
Driving it for a year since i am rebuilding FE DOHC for real fun, witch brigs us to the reason i have been writing all of this.
- Rebuilt FE DOHC 9.2:1all standard spec
- Stock ECU with wiring
- Dizzy will be front mounted sine i don't want to cut firewall, and i am sure that even if i do i wont be able to put the distributor in without removing heater core radiator.
When i get it to run properly, i will turbo it just a bit (IHI again), with added fifth injector for safety.
I also have 460cc injectors for FE8V (low imp.) - but that is in the future.
I will be posting my progress as i go along (with pictures of course), and will be asking questions if i get stuck on something (i am sure i will)


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