A Prequel to an FE3 build

Perfect 50/50 weight distribution, what better way to ruin it and create a monster than the mighty FE-DOHC!

A Prequel to an FE3 build

Postby Flipside » Wed Oct 01, 2014 8:04 am

Here are a few shots of my MX-5, it is not currently powered by an FE3 but the build process has begun.

I have had the car for close to a decade and it has been flogged countless times at the track with much enjoyment. She has been through several rear ends, a handful of axles, 2 transmissions, and is currently on the 3rd engine (which just so happens to have a dead cylinder according to a recent leak down).

The current mod list:

1.8L swap
FSC Log manifold
EVO III Big 16g
Tial 38mm EWG
FSC 3" SS full turbo back exhaust
255LPH fuel pump
Dual feed rail with aeroquip lines/fittings
550cc injectors
wather/meth progressive injection
MS2/Extra (sorry Fred)
FSC V-mount kit with 50mm Koyo rad
Bell engineering 1399SCFM IC core with FSC endtanks
FSC 6 point roll bar
RX7 FC clutch type LSD (Hard mounted)
Driveshaft's NW drive shaft
FSC tranny crossmember
Sparco seats
Sparco belts
NRG quick release
Momo wheel

There is more but those would tend to be the halfway interesting ones.
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The Plan

Postby Flipside » Wed Oct 01, 2014 8:26 am

As I currently have a decent setup in the car (after a quick re-ringing) I have decided to start an engine build where I wont have to make any compromises. I've always been stressed with track day deadlines or just random events that I want to hit so most of the work that has been done to the car was always completed in a time crunch. This is great for making progress but has left me desiring something to be changed at all times or simply chasing down annoying little issues.
Which leads me the the FE3, in keeping things Mazda its the greatest 4cyl way to go in my opinion. With this in mind I took a little drive and snagged a sportage motor from a junkyard for $200 and got to tearing it apart. I am down to a bare block that will soon be sent out for honing and a deck for good measure. I am opting to keep stock bore and stroke to keep things rock solid, with a CR of 8.5/1. The stock sump is getting chopped up to facilitate lowering the engine in the bay and converting to a dry sump while I am at it with a Nutter racing 4 stage dry sump pump. Other than tearing it down I have not decided how sinister I plan on getting with the head yet. Most likely it will simply be a gasket match port, a minor un-shrouding, new seals, valve lap and a lifter rebuild. the jury is out on the turbo but it will undoubtedly be of the Holset variety (HX35/HX40). I also will be using an FD3S RX7 trans to get all of this to the ground.

I apologize for the absence of pics in this category but I will be adding some in shortly.

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Re: A Prequel to an FE3 build

Postby Fred » Thu Oct 09, 2014 9:06 am

Neat car, and great story of endless abuse :-)

First step: How much power do you want, and how undrivable do you want it? :-) Once you know that you can more easily make decisions on build spec. I'll say this though, it's easy to get oodles of power out of them with stock parts provided that your plumbing is good.

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