Getting an MLS head gasket worth using

All about the double over head cam head that we all love!

Getting an MLS head gasket worth using

Postby Fred » Sat Oct 10, 2015 6:30 pm

Well gaskets to go is NOT your man, unless you have time to draw up a full DXF for him...

I spent several days trying to communicate with the guy, but he's either lazy or fucked in the head. Que sera sera.

He has apparently built 2 types of FE3 gasket, one ideal, and one useless. Or perhaps someone else built the bad one? We'll never know because he refused to check his patterns!

Vintage 2009, photo in Finland. Good:


Vintage unknown, earlier, later, maybe not even him. Bad:


I went out of my way to measure aspects of my ruined gasket and my block, but he was unwilling to validate his design versus the measurements I took. WTF

So, there's a local guy in NZ that builds gaskets, and I'll be tracking him down and having one made up by him! Grrrrr.
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